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Satyam Ketu™

Sulai Raw Honey

Sulai Raw Honey

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Satyam Ketu's Raw Sulai Honey is a natural delicacy harvested by wild bees from the blossoms of Sulai flowers in the picturesque valleys of Kashmir. What sets it apart is its minimally processed nature. It undergoes a single filtration process, carefully designed to retain its rich nutrients and unique flavors, ensuring that you can savor the authentic taste of Kashmir's Sulai honey in its most unadulterated form, a testament to the pristine beauty of the region.

To emphasize its commitment to environmental sustainability, this raw sulai honey is packaged exclusively in glass bottles, avoiding the use of plastic that not only helps maintain the purity of the honey but also reflects a dedication to eco-friendly practices. Enjoy the pure essence of the forest in every spoonful of this exquisite honey

Nectar Source: Snow-white blossoms of Sulai ( Garcinia gummi-gutta  maximum extraction )
Colour: Pale Golden
Taste: Fresh Sweet Taste
Extraction Period: August-October

Benefits of Raw Sulai Honey:

• Best in taste
• Easy digestion

• Recommended use in lemon tea, green tea and bakery etc.

• Poses antiseptic properties
• Source of good carbohydrates
• Natural energy booster
• Stimulates metabolism

fssai certifies that this honey has no adulteration and origin authenticity.

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