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Satyam Ketu

Jamun Wild Honey

Jamun Wild Honey

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Satyam Ketu's Wild Jamun Honey is a natural sweetener sourced by wild bees from the nectar of Jamun flowers in the pristine forests of Jammu and Kashmir. Carefully collected and processed through a single filtration process, We ensure that the natural nutrients and flavors are preserved without any loss. This honey boasts a delightful balance of sweetness with a subtle bitter tinge, showcasing the rich floral notes of the Jamun blossoms.

To emphasize its commitment to environmental sustainability, this raw Jamun honey is packaged exclusively in glass bottles, avoiding the use of plastic that not only helps maintain the purity of the honey but also reflects a dedication to eco-friendly practices. Enjoy the pure essence of the forest in every spoonful of this exquisite raw honey.

Nectar Source: Jamun Tree ( Syzygium cumini Flower maximum extraction )
Colour: Deep Purple Tint
Taste: Jamun 
Extraction Period: March-April

Benefits of Wild Jamun Honey:

• Good in digestion
• Effective results in weight loss

• Recommended for diabetic patients

• Poses antiseptic properties
• Source of good carbohydrates
• Natural energy booster
• Stimulates metabolism

fssai certifies that this honey has no adulteration and origin authenticity.

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